Solutions for education

Solutions for education

Accessibility. Interaction.

The primary objective of educational institutions is to deliver quality education, nurture talent, and cultivate students’ personal traits. Students’ success during their education and future careers relies heavily on modern resources and cutting-edge infrastructure.

World-leading institutions demonstrate that fostering future leaders, scholars, and professionals involves adopting digital trends, a well-defined IT strategy, and investing in the institution’s informational and educational environment.

As a technology partner, the Hubiq team will create a tailored digital modernization roadmap and standards, considering each institution’s unique needs and requirements, while providing comprehensive digitization services.

Solutions for education

Digital transformation of your educational
institution will help solve
a number of tasks:

  • Improve the quality of education and prestige of the institution

    Modern equipment and the introduction of digital technologies in the learning process will attract highly qualified teaching staff, including international professionals, which will become a significant competitive advantage.

  • Increase the popularity of the institution

    Implement online learning in addition to in-person education, which will increase the accessibility of education and expand the audience of learners. Implement various types of online classes — from connecting remote listeners to traditional lectures and lessons to fully automated learning programs of various formats.

  • Reach a new level of education and research

    High-quality audio and video content, collaboration tools, augmented and virtual reality, computer modeling in specially equipped classrooms, lecture halls, and class rooms will allow students to not only easily absorb theoretical knowledge but also gain quality practical experience.

  • Teach the most in-demand skills

    Flexible, interactive learning spaces will help refine communication and presentation skills, and teach teamwork. Interactive solutions will enhance the level of interaction between students, with teachers, and other educational and commercial partners of your institution.

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    Multimedia Solutions

    Multimedia technologies play a significant role in the educational process, going beyond standard teaching methods and increasing effectiveness. High-quality images and videos, 3D models, and even immersion in augmented or virtual reality engage different senses, facilitating faster and easier information retention. A comprehensive application of technologies and traditional teaching methods provides educators with a wide range of opportunities to address educational challenges.

    Multimedia Solutions
    • Digital Classroom

      The Hubiq team will select the best solutions to transform auditoriums or classrooms into modern, interactive learning spaces. These spaces require minimal time for educators to organize the learning process, increasing students’ interest and engagement.

      Key elements of a digital classroom may include:

      • Projector or professional display

        This significantly improves the quality of demonstration materials, utilizing modern presentation tools with high-resolution images and videos.

      • Interactive whiteboard

        While maintaining all the functions of a traditional whiteboard, it offers a number of significant advantages. The primary advantage is the ability to work collaboratively on the whiteboard content simultaneously, enabling the integration of new forms of teacher-student interaction during the learning process.

      • Video conferencing

        This allows for the implementation of new learning formats and expands the possibilities of the educational process without being limited by the competencies of in-house educators and the location of the educational institution. For example, organizing remote online learning, guest lectures from speakers worldwide, virtual interactive excursions, professional development courses for educators, and more.

      • Audio system

        After conducting an acoustic calculation for large auditoriums, lecture halls, assembly halls, and sports venues, the Hubiq team will select the optimal sound reinforcement system for even distribution of the teacher’s voice and audio content.

      • Control system

        For centralized, simple, and intuitive management of audio and video systems, lighting, and curtains in the auditorium or classroom, we will implement a control system for efficient organization of the learning process.

    • Digital Signage

      Digital signage, using dynamic content on screens, allows for effective communication with your audience. Providing real-time information, quickly informing students and faculty, as well as visitors to educational institutions, creates a more comfortable and appealing technological environment.

      We offer a solution that provides several advantages:

      • Improved Communication

        Digital signage creates a unified information channel for easy and timely delivery of important information and announcements throughout the university campus or school in real-time. For example, notifications about event schedules, university news or emergencies, digital signage provides a dynamic and attention-grabbing way to communicate with your audience.

      • Increased Engagement

        Interactive displays can engage the audience in the life of the educational institution, promote events, offer entertaining educational content, and showcase student work. A simple and engaging format fosters a unified ecosystem.

      • Process Optimization

        Digital signage helps optimize the operation of schools or universities, speeding up the interaction process between different departments and the audience. For example, providing up-to-date information on class schedules, cafeteria menus, available classrooms, and even bus schedules.

      • Navigation

        Implementing digital signage in the infrastructure of an educational institution allows the audience to easily navigate the space. Digital signage ensures ample information placement and good readability. For example, creating a clear system of signs to help students and visitors navigate the university campus or individual buildings, displaying building directories, maps, or parking information.

    • Online Learning

      Considering your educational institution’s digital strategy, the Hubiq team will prepare and modernize lecture halls, classrooms, or seminar rooms for any online learning format:

      • Hybrid Learning

        This is a traditional lecture or lesson with online attendees and the ability to fully interact with them in a dialogue mode.

      • Online Learning

        Education takes place in a remote format in real-time, where teaching material is exclusively for an online audience.

      If necessary, a class or lecture hall can be equipped with a lecture recording system for archiving in your institution’s digital library and for further use in face-to-face and distance learning programs.

    • Online Course Recording Studio

      We will equip an online course recording studio on your institution’s premises for creating high-quality educational content. The economic benefits in a short period will justify the investment in organizing your own studio, which will allow you to:

      • Create comprehensive educational programs, increasing the effectiveness and attractiveness of distance learning programs.
      • Enhance your institution’s recognition by hosting your own online courses on popular educational and streaming platforms.
      • Significantly increase the number of distance learning students through full automation of the learning and assessment processes.
    • 3D Laboratory

      We will select and implement solutions using augmented and virtual reality equipment, allowing for a full immersion into the process of researching and studying the physical world, objects, and phenomena. AR/VR technologies in education will enable:

      • Making complex, abstract models and phenomena as simple as possible for understanding and learning.
      • Immerse in virtual spaces for realistic study of course subjects.
      • Collaborate with students to model three-dimensional objects and structures, and study them in a virtual environment.
      • Conduct VR tours of cities, architecture, living organisms, the universe, etc.

      If your educational institution practices calculating and creating system models and their components, we can select 3D printing equipment to speed up the prototyping and hypothesis testing process.

      As a result, after creating a three-dimensional model of a system, you can study it in a virtual environment and print its physical prototype.

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    Control Systems

    For convenient and quick control of multimedia equipment and engineering systems in classrooms, we implement a comprehensive hardware-software solution based on touch panels, mobile devices, and smart sensors. Our UI/UX engineers have developed a system interface specifically for educators, which doesn’t require specialized knowledge or additional training.

    Control Systems
    • Multimedia Equipment Control

      Our simple and intuitive control system, regardless of the complexity of the multimedia setup, quickly transforms the classroom for a specific lesson and just as easily returns it to its original state. This approach allows educators to save time on equipment and classroom preparation and focus on the learning process.

      The control system can include scenarios or presets, each containing individual equipment settings for specific purposes. For example, a "presentation" preset allows you to lower the projection screen, turn on the projector, close curtains, adjust speaker volume, and microphone sensitivity with one touch. After the presentation, the system returns the classroom to its original state and turns off the equipment with one click.

      The control system enables you to:

      • Single-touch equipment preparation

        Speed up the equipment preparation process for learning, replacing complex actions with intuitive single-touch control.

      • Centralized learning process management

        Efficiently structure and control the learning process, managing classroom equipment and engineering systems from one point: the lectern or podium.

      • Dynamic environment adaptation

        Dynamically change the classroom environment and equipment settings using a unified panel, without spending time and physical effort.

      • Remote diagnostics & monitoring

        Remotely diagnose equipment and monitor its condition, preventing unexpected situations and reducing maintenance costs.

      • Centralized control & security

        Centrally control all multimedia equipment in the educational institution, manage access to equipment, and prevent unauthorized use.

    • Lighting and Curtain Control

      We will design and implement a flexible lighting and curtain control system that automatically adjusts based on the presence of people in the room, time of day, and lighting levels to increase overall energy efficiency.

      The system will adapt to the lighting requirements of different spaces and improve comfort levels in classrooms, lecture halls, gymnasiums, and common areas. Automatic lighting and curtain control allows transforming the room for the current task without interrupting the learning process.

      With the lighting and curtain control system, you can:

      • Touch panel/mobile device control

        Control lighting and motorized curtains using a touch panel or mobile device.

      • Customizable lighting settings

        Adjust brightness, warmth, and color of the lighting in a specific area.

      • Occupancy-based lighting

        Illuminate only the rooms where people are present.

      • Automatic roller blinds control

        Set automatic operation of roller blinds depending on the brightness of natural light.

      • Centralized lighting management

        Centrally control all lighting equipment in the educational institution — interior, façade, and landscape, both manually and based on individually developed algorithms.

    • Climate Control

      Maintaining a comfortable temperature and fresh air, regardless of weather conditions and the number of people in the room, directly affects productivity and reduces the incidence of illness among staff. We will choose a climate control system that ensures the necessary indoor microclimate.

      The climate control system helps to address several tasks:

      • Temperature control

        Automatically maintain a set temperature.

      • Fresh air regulation

        Automatically regulate the supply of fresh air.

      • Energy-saving mode

        Significantly reduce electricity costs due to the zonal operation of systems and transition to energy-saving mode overnight.

      • Centralized climate control

        Centrally control all climate equipment in the educational institution — heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

  • 03
    Reservation Systems

    We integrate a reservation system that increases the efficiency of managing the learning process. The modern digital platform is designed for centralized monitoring and real-time room reservations, quick search of available rooms of a specific type with the required capacity and technical equipment.

    The digital platform helps analyze the efficiency of using classrooms, labs, and other spaces to reduce additional costs, such as equipping rooms with rarely-used equipment or furniture. The reservation system allows for optimizing the search for available rooms and limiting unauthorized access to areas and spaces within the educational institution.

    Reservation Systems
    • With the reservation system, you get
      • Centralized Planning

        Implementing centralized planning on a single platform simplifies interaction between all departments, improving and standardizing the planning process.

      • Efficient Space Utilization

        With a unified platform, you eliminate double booking of rooms or insufficient use of available spaces. Automating the reservation process frees up time and resources that can be directed towards improving the quality of education.

      • Accessibility

        The reservation system ensures that students and faculty have timely access to spaces and equipment necessary for the learning process and extracurricular activities.

      • Visible Room Status

        You can track the occupancy status of classrooms or lecture halls using interactive floor plans and building layouts, light signs, or touch panels installed at the entrance of each room.

      • Flexible Scheduling

        The reservation system enables quick schedule adjustments as needed, ensuring greater flexibility in managing schedules for different faculties and departments. This guarantees uninterrupted implementation of the learning process during periods of increased workload on educational and methodological management or when unforeseen events require schedule changes.

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    IT Network and Internet

    In today’s world, educational institutions require high-quality network infrastructure and internet connectivity solutions. At Hubiq, we specialize in providing customized and efficient solutions for educational institutions.

    IT Network and Internet
    • High-Speed Internet

      Get high-speed and stable internet access with a fiber-optic cable connection or dedicated line. At Hubiq, we collaborate with reliable internet service providers to ensure uninterrupted connectivity throughout the educational institution.

      Key components:

      • Fiber-optic cable or dedicated line
      • High-speed modem
      • Internet service provider subscription
    • Scalable Network Infrastructure

      Hubiq’s team of experts will provide scalable network infrastructure. We use modular switches, routers, and high-quality network cables (Cat6 or Cat6a) to create a reliable network. We also employ patch panels and cable organizers for neat and orderly cable routing.

      Key components:

      • Modular switches
      • Routers
      • Network cables (Cat6 or Cat6a)
      • Patch panels and cable management systems
    • Secure Wi-Fi for Teachers and Students

      Provide your teachers and students with reliable and seamless Wi-Fi throughout your educational institution’s premises. We utilize advanced security tools such as WPA3 encryption, firewalls, and guest networks to protect your data and ensure comfortable internet usage.

      Key components:

      • Wi-Fi access points
      • Wireless LAN controller
      • Network authentication server
    • Network Security and Monitoring

      Protect your educational institution from cyber threats with our comprehensive network security solutions. Hubiq offers intrusion detection and prevention systems, as well as round-the-clock network monitoring for quick identification and mitigation of potential risks.

      Key components:

      • Next-generation firewall
      • Intrusion prevention system
      • Security updates and maintenance subscription
    • Expert Support and Maintenance

      Hubiq’s team of professionals strives to provide exceptional support and maintenance services. We offer prompt troubleshooting, regular network assessment, and system updates to ensure optimal network and internet connectivity performance for your educational institution.

    By choosing Hubiq as your partner for IT network and internet connectivity solutions, you invest in the future of your educational institution. Our customized solutions aim to increase efficiency, enhance the educational process, and ensure the security of your institution’s data.

  • 05
    Security Systems

    In modern educational institutions, such as schools, colleges, and universities, ensuring the safety and comfort of students and staff is an important factor in maintaining the efficiency of the educational process. On average, students spend 6-8 hours a day, 5 days a week in educational institutions, making safety a priority. The Hubiq team specializes in comprehensive security solutions for learning spaces, tailored to the needs of your educational institution.

    Security Systems
    • Access Control

      We will develop a customized access control system to restrict access to your educational institution’s premises and separate secured areas. Our team will thoroughly analyze all entrances and exits, identifying restricted access zones. We will also implement biometric data-based systems, including fingerprint and facial recognition technologies.

      Equipment and software used:

      • Touchscreen call panels
      • Biometric data reading modules
      • Card readers
      • Electromagnetic locks and door opening sensors
      • Server software
    • Video Surveillance

      We will propose a video surveillance solution that covers all entrances, exits, stairwells, halls, and corridors of educational institutions. Our team will select and install video cameras, configure the video recorder, and equip the security workstation. In addition, we will provide remote access to the video surveillance system from mobile devices.

      Equipment and software used:

      • IP video cameras and video recorder
      • Security staff workstation
      • Switching server equipment
      • Mobile applications
      • Facial recognition software
    • Security Alarm System

      We will consider all security requirements and propose an optimal architecture for the security alarm system, providing automatic triggering based on various events: door and window opening, motion detection during non-working hours, etc.

      Equipment and software used:

      • Magnetic contact sensors
      • Volume sensors
      • Infrared sensors
      • Central controller

    By implementing a reliable security system for your educational institution, your facility will benefit from increased comfort for students and staff, improved efficiency of the educational process, and peace of mind. Contact us today for a consultation on creating a safe and secure educational environment.

  • 06
    Building Management Systems

    For centralized monitoring and control of all engineering systems in an educational building, we will find an individual solution, from partial modernization of existing systems to a full-scale project using advanced technologies such as IoT devices, machine learning algorithms, and artificial intelligence.

    Building Management Systems
    • Assessment and solution design

      In close collaboration with you, the Hubiq team will identify specific requirements and objectives for implementing a building management system. We will analyze the infrastructure of the educational institution and determine the most efficient BMS solutions that match your goals and budget.

    • System integration and implementation

      We will create a digital twin of the building, equip an automated dispatcher workstation, and implement local control for monitoring and control of the following systems:

      • Energy management
      • -Facade, street, and interior lighting
      • Supply and exhaust ventilation and air conditioning
      • Hot and cold water supply and heating
      • Security and protection systems
      • Communication equipment, video surveillance, and multimedia devices
    • Interface setup and optimization

      Our team will configure an advanced graphical interface for the operator with 2D or 3D building models and floor plans. Analytical tools will be connected to generate energy consumption reports with the required level of detail. In addition, we will set up predictive maintenance algorithms for engineering system nodes and aggregates to maximize their service life and prevent emergencies.

      Equipment and software used:

      • Field sensors, controllers, and device controllers (PLC)
      • Data collection and processing server
      • Enterprise-level server
      • Licensed software for SCADA systems
      • Software modules for analytics, reporting, and more
      • Software for integration with other hotel systems
    • Testing and commissioning

      We will conduct thorough testing of the building management system (BMS), ensuring the correct and efficient operation of all components. Our team will provide comprehensive training for your staff, so your employees are fully prepared to manage and maintain the system.

    • Support and maintenance

      Our involvement does not end with the project implementation. We will provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your building management and automation system continues to deliver optimal performance, as well as offer updates and improvements as needed.

    Investing in a professionally designed and implemented building management system will not only increase the comfort and safety of your students, faculty, and staff but also significantly improve the resource management efficiency of your facility.

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