Residential solutions

Residential solutions

Convenience. Style

Hubiq team implements comprehensive projects to equip elite and premium residential properties with advanced automation, entertainment, and security systems. Working with an interior designer, we harmoniously incorporate high-tech solutions into your interior, regardless of style, design, or type of housing: cottage, club house, apartment, or flat. Cutting-edge technologies help create a modern and comfortable living space that highlights the owner’s status and individuality.

Residential solutions

High-tech systems
in your home will provide:

  • Comfort and health

    Your home will automatically maintain optimal temperature, humidity, and air freshness, creating a healthy microclimate. Thanks to intelligent lighting and sun protection systems, a suitable atmosphere for relaxation, entertainment, or work will be created in any room.

  • Convenience of control and management

    Remote monitoring will allow you to track the condition of your home from anywhere in the world. Control lighting, curtains, climate, entertainment systems, and household appliances using smart switches, an intuitive mobile app, or voice commands. Apply and customize convenient automatic scenarios and system schedules.

  • Energy efficiency

    Reduce utility costs by controlling energy consumption by various appliances and engineering systems, and setting automatic operation according to your preferences. For example, automatic lowering of air temperature and heated floors at night.

  • Security

    Carefully designed and implemented security systems will prevent and avoid emergency situations. Access control systems, video surveillance, and security alarms will protect your home from break-ins and intrusion. They will send prompt notifications directly to your mobile phone or security organizations.

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    Smart Home

    The Hubiq team will select a personalized and fully integrated solution for your living space. Implementing a unified complex of equipment will allow for flexible and centralized control of all systems in the house: lighting, climate equipment, entertainment systems, and security. A mobile app with a simple and intuitive interface, specially designed by our UI/UX engineers, will allow you and your loved ones to easily control the entire house.

    Smart Home
    • Intelligent Lighting

      We will choose a control system that corresponds to the lighting equipment of the design project and allows you to unlock the full potential of the lighting system. You will be able to not only change the brightness and temperature of the light but also choose backlight colors and use biodynamic lighting scenarios.

      Our team will prepare and configure the operation of master switches, lighting scenarios, automatic operation of landscape, facade, and interior lighting according to a schedule or the occurrence of certain conditions.

      Intelligent lighting control systems offer a range of benefits:

      • Convenient control

        Adjust lighting throughout the house from any room or remotely. The system allows you to control lighting devices using a voice assistant or smartphone.

      • Individual atmosphere

        Create a comfortable atmosphere for your mood or a specific activity — adjust the brightness, warmth, and color of lighting according to your needs and preferences.

      • Minimalism

        Get rid of excess switches and control all lighting and curtains in a room with a single intelligent control panel.

      • Flexible settings

        Change the logic of the lighting control system at any time without resorting to repair work or interference in electrical networks.

      • Energy saving

        Using a system of light sensors, the system will automatically turn off the lighting when necessary or adjust its brightness depending on the time of day and the amount of natural light in the room.

      • Presence simulation

        To create the appearance of presence in the house, the system will automatically start operating the lighting according to a schedule, even when there are no people in the house.

      • Health

        Use biodynamic lighting to maintain the body’s natural circadian rhythm. This has a positive impact on overall health and well-being.

    • Climate Control

      The Hubiq team will combine all climate equipment into a single system and set up algorithms for the joint operation of equipment with maximum efficiency and minimal energy consumption.

      Using an intelligent climate control system has several advantages:

      • Air quality

        The climate control system will ensure fresh, warm, filtered, and humidified air under any weather conditions.

      • Individual microclimate

        The ability to create an individual microclimate for each selected room. Set up individual temperature schedules for different rooms.

      • Ease of control

        Intuitive control of temperature and humidity using a smartphone or voice assistant. Create a schedule for the automatic operation of equipment based on your preferences.

      • Energy efficiency

        Smart energy-saving algorithms control heating and air conditioning systems, preventing simultaneous operation in the same room, operation with open windows or in an empty room.

    • Entertainment Center

      Hubiq specialists will combine all entertainment equipment into a single entertainment center, allowing you to create the desired atmosphere in the room and centrally control home theater, Hi-Fi or Hi-End audio systems, TVs and game consoles, and streaming devices.

      Depending on the event, such as a movie night, gaming session, or party, the unified system allows you to automatically turn on and off the necessary equipment, adjust lighting systems, curtain positions, and climate control. You can manage the unified center using just a voice command, smartphone, or button on a universal panel.

      The unified entertainment center provides you with:

      • Scenario Control

        Control all entertainment systems with one touch presets such as "movie night", "party", or "relaxation" for quick automatic activation and deactivation of audio-video equipment.

      • Single Control Device

        Centralized control of all systems with a smartphone or a single universal remote eliminates the need for separate remotes for each type of equipment.

      • Individual Settings

        Customize entertainment systems to your preferences. Create your own playlists, individual audio and video settings, and personalized lighting scenes.

      • Energy Efficiency

        Using presence sensors and sleep trackers, the system will automatically put all equipment into sleep mode and turn off lighting when you leave the room or fall asleep.

    • Security Center

      Integrating home security systems into a smart home app significantly increases security and provides peace of mind. We integrate all security systems into a unified center for greater control:

      • Intercom and access control
      • Video surveillance
      • Security and fire alarms
      • Water and gas leak control

      You and your security service will always be aware of what’s happening and able to quickly respond to any potential threats.

      The unified security center offers the following advantages:

      • Remote Monitoring

        All security systems can be remotely controlled using a smartphone or other mobile device.

      • Event Tracking

        The video surveillance system allows you to view real-time footage from security cameras. This can help deter potential criminals and provide evidence in case of a break-in.

      • Automatic Alarm

        Security alarms can use motion detection sensors to activate an automatic alarm signal when unauthorized access to your property or entrance to your home is detected.

      • Smart Locks

        Integration with smart locks allows you to remotely lock and unlock gates, doors, and entrances to your home.

      • Integration with Other Devices

        The smart home security center integrates with other smart devices, such as intelligent lighting, to create a more comprehensive and efficient security system. For example, lighting can be programmed to automatically turn on when motion is detected outside the home, creating the illusion of occupants’ presence.

    • Dynamic Interior

      An interior doesn’t have to be static. Our team will provide smart mechanisms for quick room transformations according to your needs. We integrate all lifts and elevating mechanisms into the smart home control system and fully automate their operation, maintaining minimalism and functionality of the space.

      Scenarios set up in the smart home app can, for example, turn the living room into a home theater by lowering a fully concealed ceiling-mounted projector and projection screen, or revealing a TV screen from a niche hidden behind a painting. With just one touch or voice command, all equipment can be automatically hidden.

      Motorized elements can be used in the following cases:

      • Aesthetic Preservation

        The ability to hide electronic devices or other items when they are not in use. This helps reduce visual clutter and maintain minimalism in the room.

      • Space Optimization

        Optimizing space and transforming one functional area of a room into another. For example, motorized lifts can hide a TV or other electronic device when not in use, freeing up space in the room.

      • Convenience

        To facilitate access to items that are out of reach or heavy to lift. For example, a motorized lift allows you to lower and raise a chandelier or other lighting fixture, making it easier to change bulbs and clean the light fixture.

    • Energy Consumption Monitoring

      Implementing a centralized monitoring system and smart home energy-saving algorithms allows you to control the level of resource consumption. This contributes to reducing costs for heating and electrical energy while maintaining comfort.

      The Hubiq team will install the necessary metering devices, starting from smart general-purpose meters to individual system and device meters. They will set up automatic energy-efficient operation of lighting, air conditioning, and heating systems and display real-time resource consumption information in the smart home app for any period.

      With the monitoring system, you can track electricity and gas consumption for the following consumer categories:

      • Lighting
      • Appliances
      • Air conditioning
      • Electric heating and heated floors
      • Water heating and heated floors
      • Driveway, pathway, and gutter heating systems
      • Hot and cold water consumption
      • Electric vehicle charging

      The metering system can also include generating capacities — diesel, gasoline, and gas generators, and renewable energy sources.

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    Home Theater

    Depending on your preferences and budget, we will develop a suitable home theater concept for you — from basic to advanced. Our team will select and install equipment that can surpass the sound and video quality of popular movie theater halls, provide immersive professional sound, and allow you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere on a large screen. Enjoy watching movies and TV shows, playing video games, and singing karaoke without leaving your home.

    Home Theater
    • Advantages of a home theater
      • Better quality

        The ability to surpass the image and sound quality of most commercial movie theaters.

      • Convenience and comfort

        Watch your favorite movies and shows, play video games, and sing karaoke in the comfort of your own home without any strangers around.

      • Personalization

        Customize the image and sound, adjust the lighting, creating your own ideal atmosphere for movie watching.

      • Among your own

        Watching movies at home can be a great way to spend time with family and friends.

    • Which type of home theater suits you?
      • Basic home theater

        A basic home theater is typically located in the living room and may include a large screen TV, a set of audio equipment, and a streaming device or media player.

      • Advanced home theater

        An advanced home theater is located in a dedicated cinema room. A customized project with a designer interior is developed considering the geometry and acoustics of the space and using soundproofing materials. Such a home theater may include a high-resolution projector, a multichannel surround sound system, a professional AV receiver, and special cinema seating.

    • Project implementation stages
      • Concept

        Preliminary equipment selection and approximate budget calculation.

      • Design

        Preparing design documentation, which may include equipment connection diagrams, acoustic calculations of the room. We will develop a full-fledged design project with 3D visualizations of the future cinema hall. We will select finishing and soundproofing materials, lighting, and individual solutions for equipping chairs and sofas.

      • Finishing and installation work

        We will carry out all work on preparing and soundproofing the cinema hall, installing and configuring equipment, and setting up home theater furniture.

      • Configuration

        We will configure home theater control systems and integrate them with the smart home.

      • Personalization

        We will set up personalized lighting scenarios, fine-tune and calibrate the sound and image of the home theater.

    • Ongoing support

      Our team will be available for ongoing support and adjustments if needed, ensuring your home theater system continues to provide you with the best possible experience.

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    Premium Audio Systems

    For connoisseurs of high-quality sound, we will select a customized solution using professional audio components — processors, players, preamplifiers and amplifiers, tone controls, and top-class speaker systems. We will consider the room’s characteristics and prepare it for audio system equipment, using sound-absorbing and sound-insulating materials.

    Premium Audio Systems
    • Multiroom Audio

      We will select and install a distributed audio system with high-quality sound, which will transform your home into a comprehensive audio space. Ceiling or concealed installation will provide an ideal combination with the interior and a minimalist aesthetic look without visible equipment.

      Powerful and deep sound will follow you wherever you go. A single audio stream can be played simultaneously in all rooms, or individual audio content can be played in each room separately. With a multiroom audio system, you can choose the sound source, adjust the volume, and select the room where the sound will be played. You can use the same source for multiple rooms, which can save you money on purchasing additional audio devices.

    • What Multiroom Audio Offers

      Multiroom systems have several advantages over traditional local and portable audio systems:

      • Flexibility

        You’ll have the ability to play different audio content in different rooms or zones, as well as the same audio content throughout the entire house. This gives you more options and flexibility in using your audio system.

      • Convenience

        You can centrally control sound playback from any point in the house using an intuitive smartphone app or another mobile device. It’s easy to adjust the volume, change and select one or multiple sound sources, and choose rooms.

      • Scalability

        Multiroom systems are often designed with expansion capabilities. As your needs change or your budget allows, you can add additional audio equipment or separate components over time.

      • Integration

        Many such audio systems provide seamless integration with your entire home technology ecosystem and integrate with other smart home devices: voice assistants, home automation systems, or security systems.

    • Recommended Rooms for Installation
      • Living Room

        The most popular place for a multiroom audio system. Typically, the living room is the main entertainment zone in the house where people gather to watch movies, TV shows, or listen to music.

      • Kitchen

        The kitchen is often the heart of the home, where people spend a lot of time cooking and entertaining guests. A multiroom audio system provides background music during food preparation or creates a festive atmosphere during a party.

      • Dining Room

        Multiroom audio in the dining room can enhance dinner experiences or set the mood for a formal dinner with background music.

      • Bedrooms

        Many people prefer to install multiroom audio systems in their bedrooms to create a relaxing atmosphere or entertain themselves before bedtime: watch a movie, listen to an audiobook, or podcast.

      • Outdoor Areas

        Multiroom audio installed in outdoor areas such as courtyards, patios, or swimming pools allows you to enjoy music while entertaining or relaxing outdoors.

    • Hi-Fi and Hi-End Systems

      To reproduce the highest quality sound, we will install Hi-Fi or Hi-End equipment capable of satisfying even the most discerning music lovers and audiophiles. These systems maintain the music’s true sound, as intended during production. They allow the listener to fully immerse themselves in the musical process and feel like they are at a live concert.

      Based on your requirements, our team will select, install, and configure professional audio equipment, including high-quality analog and digital components such as advanced digital-to-analog converters (DACs), premium amplifiers, speakers, or headphones designed for precise sound reproduction across a wide frequency range.

    • What a Hi-End System Offers
      • High-quality sound

        Thanks to high-quality components, a Hi-End system can reproduce music with greater clarity, detail, and accuracy. High-quality sound allows the listener to perceive music in the way it was intended.

      • Extended dynamic range

        Top-notch audio systems can reproduce a wider dynamic range compared to budget systems. This reproduction allows for greater detail and realism, which is especially important for classical and jazz music, where subtle dynamic changes are often present.

      • Improved detail and imaging

        Hi-End systems are capable of reproducing music with greater detail and expressiveness, allowing vocals and each musical instrument to be heard with greater clarity. This is particularly important for complex musical arrangements or recordings.

      • Broad compatibility

        Hi-End audio systems are often designed with compatibility for a wide range of sources and formats in mind. The listener can play music from any source without losing sound quality: vinyl records, CDs, digital files, and streaming services.

      • Personalization

        Hi-End audio systems allow for the selection and customization of individual components, such as amplifiers, speaker technology, and room acoustics correction equipment. They provide the best sound in a specific space and according to the listener’s musical preferences.

      • Durability

        High-quality audio systems are made using premium materials and components, designed to stand the test of time. A Hi-End audio system is a worthwhile investment, as with proper maintenance and care, it will serve for many years and maintain its perfect sound.

  • 04
    Internet and Television
    Internet and Television
    • Internet

      To ensure reliable and stable connectivity, we will install high-speed seamless Wi-Fi throughout your home and adjacent areas. We will set up roaming access points for automatic connection to nearby hotspots. We will provide your home network with all necessary information security mechanisms. Wired internet connections will be provided in the locations where television and multimedia equipment will be installed.

      For convenience and quick access to content, we will integrate local network storage into your home network, containing your movies, videos, and photos. If necessary, we will set up a restricted remote access to the network for prompt and qualified technical support.

    • Television

      Based on your preferences and interior style, we will select TVs of any size and resolution with support for the latest technologies: OLED, Smart TV, and HDR. For deeper and more powerful sound, we will offer solutions and connect external speakers or soundbars to the television equipment.

      We will install all the necessary equipment to create a comprehensive television network throughout your home, displaying broadcast, satellite, and internet TV. We will connect your equipment to popular streaming services and television content providers.

    • Cellular Signal Enhancement

      To ensure a stable cellular signal, we will install GSM antennas, amplifiers, and repeaters. We will calibrate their operation so that you can always be confident about the quality of mobile communication in your home.

  • 05
    Security Systems
    Security Systems
    • Intercom

      The Hubiq team will install a modern audio and video intercom system that allows you to enter your home using fingerprint or facial recognition, and also manage cameras and doors directly from your smartphone. Call panels will be mounted at all entry points, including driveway gates, pedestrian gates, and the front door.

      We will provide intercom response panels on each floor of the house or use existing smart home touch panels to maintain minimalism in the interior. If necessary, the intercom system can be expanded with room-to-room communication for quick audio or video communication between different rooms and areas of your home. For example, you can contact the kitchen staff from the living room.

    • Video Surveillance

      Hubiq team will propose a comprehensive solution to equip your home with external and internal video surveillance, fully outfitting the security workstation. Video cameras will be selected and installed, considering the nuances of the landscape, the house facade, all entrance/exit zones, stairwells, halls, and corridors. The equipment will be configured for day and night operation, connecting a video receiver and a video archive with the required capacity. Remote access to the video surveillance system from mobile devices will be provided.

    • Security and Fire Alarm

      Taking into account all security requirements, the Hubiq team will design the architecture of the fire and security alarm system and carry out the necessary installation work. Automatic activation of the system for various events will be provided — smoke or fire detection, opening doors, windows, glass breakage, unauthorized movement of living objects on the premises or inside the house.

      An emergency response algorithm will be developed, including panic buttons, siren activation, automatic lighting both outside and inside the house. Connection to private security service notification systems will be established.

    • Water Leak Control

      The Hubiq team will install a water leak control system in all wet areas of the house — bathrooms, washrooms, utility rooms, and the kitchen. Automatic water supply shutdown upon leak detection will be organized. Scenarios will be planned for when the system should be deactivated, such as during cleaning of the aforementioned rooms. The app will be set up for receiving prompt notifications and remote system management.

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