Hotel solutions

Hotel solutions

Impeccable service.
Comfort. Efficiency

The primary objective in the hotel business is to provide customers with maximum comfort and impeccable service. This approach ensures high guest loyalty to individual projects or an entire chain, and as a result, profitability for the business owner.

Modern hospitality technologies allow guests to have a unique hotel experience by creating enhanced comfort, seamless service, and maximum personalization of communications and services. At the same time, digital technologies can help reduce operational costs for management companies and increase staff productivity.

The Hubiq team will create a unified, centralized digital platform for your project that combines all systems and devices responsible for guest comfort and professional hotel operation and management.

Hotel solutions

Digital transformation of the hotel
will help solve several tasks:

  • Provide an unforgettable experience for hotel guests

    Build customer loyalty by offering a unique experience. Digital services and tools will not only make your guests’ stay comfortable and convenient but also create a new, unique experience they will want to repeat.

  • Reduce costs

    Increase the hotel’s energy efficiency and that of individual systems by using intelligent lighting systems, room automation, and smart algorithms in the operation of the hotel’s engineering equipment.

  • Improve operational efficiency

    Use real-time data and analytical reports on the performance of all systems to shorten response times and increase staff productivity.

  • Ensure safety

    Provide guests and staff with a sense of security by implementing integrated access control systems, intrusion detection, life safety, and video surveillance.

  • 01
    Building Management System

    For centralized monitoring and management of all hotel engineering systems, we can help find a tailored solution — from partial modernization of existing systems to a full-scale project using the most advanced technologies, such as IoT devices, machine learning algorithms, and artificial intelligence.

    Building Management System
    • Assessment and Solution Design

      Our team will work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and objectives. We’ll analyze your facility’s infrastructure and identify the most effective BMS solutions that align with your goals and budget.

    • System Integration and Implementation

      We will create a digital twin of the building, equip an automated workstation, and implement local management for monitoring and controlling system operations:

      • Energy management
      • Facade, street, and indoor lighting
      • Supply and exhaust ventilation and air conditioning
      • Hot and cold-water supply and heating
      • Security and protection systems
      • Communication, video surveillance, and multimedia devices
    • Interface Configuration and Optimization

      Our team will configure an advanced graphical interface for the operator with 2D or 3D building models and floor plans. Analytics tools will be connected to generate energy consumption reports with the required level of detail. Additionally, we will set up predictive maintenance algorithms for nodes and units of engineering systems to maximize their service life and prevent emergencies.

      Equipment and software used:

      • Field sensors and device controllers (PLCs)
      • Data collection and processing server
      • Enterprise-level server
      • Licensed software for SCADA systems
      • Software modules for analytics, reporting, and more
      • Software for integration with other hotel systems
    • Testing and Commissioning

      We’ll conduct thorough testing of the BMS, ensuring all components are functioning properly and efficiently. Our team will provide comprehensive training to your staff, ensuring they are fully equipped to manage and maintain the system effectively.

    • Ongoing Support and Maintenance

      Our commitment to your success doesn’t end with implementation. We’ll provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your BMS continues to deliver optimal performance, while also offering updates and improvements as needed.

    Investing in a professionally designed and implemented Building Management System will not only enhance the comfort and safety of your guests and staff but also significantly improve your facility’s efficiency and resource management.

  • 02
    Guest Room Management System

    Enhance your hotel experience by providing the perfect balance of guest comfort and energy efficiency with our cutting-edge Guest Room Management System (GRMS). Our customized solutions effortlessly blend state-of-the-art technology and user-friendly controls, allowing guests to personify their room’s ambience by intuitively adjusting lights, shades, and climate. This creates an unforgettable stay while simultaneously reducing energy consumption by up to 40%.

    Guest Room Management System
    • Requirement analysis and customization

      Our expert team at Hubiq will thoroughly assess your requirements for guest room management and propose optimal solutions within your budget.

    • User-friendly control integration

      We will carefully select and integrate intuitive control tools for climate and lighting management, including wall-mounted and bedside touch panels, guest mobile devices, voice control, and interactive TV.

    • Energy-saving and comfort-enhancing scenarios

      Our system will be tailored to reduce energy consumption while enhancing guest comfort through features like automatically adjusting room conditions based on occupancy and preferences, or notifying staff when guests leave their rooms and forget to close the door.

    • Seamless System Integration

      We will ensure full integration of the GRMS with other hotel systems such as Property Management System (PMS), Building Management System (BMS), Interactive TV, and security systems.

    • Centralized Monitoring and Room Data Exchange

      Our solution enables comprehensive data exchange on room status for centralized monitoring and management, including occupancy, energy consumption, temperature, humidity, lighting, curtains, doors and windows.

    By implementing our Guest Room Management System, you’ll not only reduce energy costs but also create an unforgettable guest experience that leaves a lasting impression. Get in touch with us for a consultation and discover how the GRMS can elevate your hotel’s standard of luxury and sustainability.

  • 03
    High Speed Internet

    In today’s connected world, 80% of hotel guests consider Wi-Fi availability and quality as crucial factors when selecting and evaluating a hotel. Catering to this need, our specialized high-speed internet solution offers a fully functional, scalable, and flexible system that enhances the experience of guests, hotel staff, event organizers, and participants alike.

    High Speed Internet
    • Comprehensive Assessment and Design

      Our team will assess your hotel’s existing network infrastructure, identify areas for improvement, and design a customized high-speed internet system tailored to your needs.

    • Seamless Wi-Fi Deployment

      We will deploy seamless Wi-Fi in guest rooms, public areas, and administrative zones, ensuring optimal coverage and performance throughout your hotel.

    • Guest Authentication and Portal Customization

      We will integrate guest authentication with your Property Management System (PMS) and create a branded guest portal page for internet access, complete with personalized hotel service promotions.

    • Rate and Traffic Management

      Our solution includes setting up free basic internet access, paid plans for demanding guests, and implementing real-time analytics and traffic management tools for optimal user experience.

    • Group Internet Access for Events

      For large-scale events held at your hotel, we will configure temporary internet access for a predetermined number of participants, as well as dedicated channels for event organizers and speakers, ensuring smooth connectivity for all attendees.

    • Scalability and Security

      We will design a system that maintains service quality even during peak seasons while implementing security policies and segregating traffic for different user groups, ensuring a safe and secure online environment.

    • Integration and Monitoring

      Our high-speed internet solution integrates seamlessly with other hotel systems and includes centralized hotel network monitoring and management software for easy administration and control.

    Investing in a professional high-speed internet solution not only meets the expectations of your guests but also elevates the overall guest experience at your hotel. By choosing our comprehensive and scalable solution, you ensure a seamless and secure online environment that keeps guests connected and satisfied while accommodating events and conferences with ease.

  • 04
    Access Control Systems. Mobile Key

    Improve the security and convenience of your hotel with our modern access control systems. Created to manage and secure access to guest rooms, staff areas, and service zones within the hotel, our solutions use key cards and biometric data like fingerprint scanning or facial recognition.

    In addition to classic access methods, we also offer contemporary systems that employ guests’ mobile devices — the so-called "mobile keys". The Hubiq team will develop and install a system tailored to your requirements and preferences.

    Access Control Systems. Mobile Key
    • Mobile Key System Evaluation and Integration

      Our team will help you evaluate and implement a mobile key system to optimize the guest check-in, stay, and check-out experience while reducing operational costs.

      The mobile key system includes:

      • Self-check-in through a mobile app.
      • Hotel service promotions during self-check-in, such as transfers and in-room breakfast.
      • Payment processing for accommodation and additional services.
      • Mobile phone-enabled room and hotel area access.
      • Express guest check-out.
      • Electronic receipt delivery to guests.
    • Expanding Mobile App Functionality and Guest Experience

      Upon request, we can enhance the mobile key app to create a comprehensive communication and room management tool for guests, offering:

      • Hotel services and promotions within the guest’s mobile app.
      • Local attractions and entertainment information.
      • Mobile phone control for in-room lighting, climate, curtains, and TV.
      • Mobile booking for services, such as room service and spa treatments.
      • Chat functions with hotel staff.
      • Call forwarding from hotel room to guest’s mobile phone.
    • Seamless System Integration and Customization

      We’ll integrate the mobile key system with your hotel management system (PMS) to enable automatic data transfer, and develop a branded app interface tailored to your hotel or hotel chain.

    • Comprehensive Technical Support and Maintenance

      Our team will provide ongoing technical support and maintenance to ensure the smooth operation of the access control system, including regular software updates, troubleshooting, and system optimization.

    • Equipment and Software Utilized
      • Electronic RFID locks
      • Card readers and programmers
      • Access control system controllers
      • Mobile key feature software
      • Centralized access control management software
      • Software for integration with other hotel systems

    Transform your hotel’s security and guest experience with our cutting-edge access control solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you enhance your hotel operations.

  • 05

    Elevate your hotel’s guest experience and streamline your operations with Hubiq’s cutting-edge multimedia solutions. Our comprehensive suite of multimedia technologies is designed to create immersive, engaging, and interactive environments for guests, staff, and partners. Discover how Hubiq can transform your hotel by implementing multimedia solutions in various key areas.

    • Lobby and reception

      Impress your guests from the moment they step in with our stunning digital installations, captivating video walls, sleek professional displays, interactive kiosks, and immersive background music systems. Let Hubiq’s team of experts design and implement the perfect multimedia solution that complements your hotel’s interior and meets your target audience’s needs.

    • Conference Rooms

      Equip your conference rooms with state-of-the-art multimedia technology, including projectors, projection screens, professional displays, and advanced audio systems. Empower your guests with seamless video conferencing, interactive collaboration, and intuitive control over conference room equipment, all tailored to your requirements by Hubiq.

    • Guest Rooms

      Transform your guest rooms into personalized sanctuaries with smart TVs, media streaming devices, and integrated room control systems. Offer your guests the ultimate in-room experience with customized entertainment options and effortless control over lighting, climate, and curtains via their mobile devices.

    • Restaurants and Bars

      Enhance your dining spaces with our innovative multimedia solutions, including digital menu boards, ambient music systems, and digital signage. Create the perfect atmosphere and effectively promote special offers and events with Hubiq’s expertise.

    • Fitness Centers and Spas

      Upgrade your fitness centers and spas with our immersive multimedia solutions, providing guests with entertainment options during their workouts, displaying fitness class schedules, and promoting spa services and packages.

    • Outdoor Areas and Poolside

      Extend the multimedia experience outdoors with our weather-resistant displays, speakers, and digital signage. Keep your guests informed about poolside events, safety guidelines, and food and beverage options, all while enjoying the great outdoors.

    Choose Hubiq and redefine your hotel’s atmosphere with our unmatched multimedia solutions. Our team of professionals is committed to delivering tailored, innovative, and immersive multimedia experiences that will captivate your guests and elevate your hotel’s brand. Contact Hubiq today and let us transform your hotel together.

  • 06
    Television. Interactive TV

    The Hubiq team specializes in creating flexible, customized television networks tailored to your hotel’s unique requirements and infrastructure. Our comprehensive solutions elevate guest experiences by delivering seamless integration of professional TV panels and a curated mix of free and premium content.

    Our experts will skillfully merge various broadcasting sources, including terrestrial, satellite, and cable signals. We will guide you in selecting and configuring the ideal head-end television station while leveraging your existing network or designing a new one for optimal TV channel transmission throughout your hotel rooms.

    Television. Interactive TV
    • Interactive TV

      Experience the benefits of interactive TV, a powerful communication tool that significantly enhances guest satisfaction. Our systems offer centralized control over content and all TV panels in your hotel, making your services more accessible, persuasive, and personalized.

    • System Selection & Customization

      We will help you choose and implement an interactive TV system tailored to your objectives and functional requirements. Our team will either adapt your existing graphical user interface or create a customized solution to showcase your hotel brand. We will configure and launch a centralized content management system and assist with content development.

    • Seamless Integration

      We will synchronize your interactive TV system with other hotel systems, such as Property Management System (PMS), Point of Sale System (POS), and Guest Room Management System (GRMS), ensuring smooth operations.

    • Comprehensive Feature Implementation

      We will enable a range of interactive TV features for hotel guests, including:

      • Entertainment

        Personal mobile device content sharing, popular streaming services access, and a wide variety of TV channels and radio stations.

      • Services & Amenities

        Room service with an interactive restaurant menu, tour booking and event ticket purchasing, and in-room control of lighting, temperature, and curtains.

      • Information

        Personalized greetings upon arrival, guest surveys upon departure, promotional updates, local attraction maps, flight schedules, weather conditions, and more.

    • Required Equipment and Software
      • Head-end TV station
      • TV panels
      • Interactive TV software
      • Software for integration with other hotel systems

    Elevate your hotel’s television experience with Hubiq’s expertise and state-of-the-art solutions. Contact us for a consultation.

  • 07
    IP Telephony

    Today’s hospitality industry relies on effective communication, with hotel telephone networks at the heart of these interactions. No matter the size of your hotel, the telephone serves as a crucial link between guests and staff, facilitating service requests, information sharing, and efficient operations.

    Hubiq’s modern IP telephony solutions transform your hotel’s communication infrastructure, offering significant advantages over traditional analog systems. Our IP telephony integrates seamlessly with your hotel’s Property Management System (PMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms, enhancing staff productivity, streamlining customer interactions, and enabling data-driven insights.

    IP Telephony
    • System Selection & Installation

      Hubiq’s experts will identify and install the ideal digital hotel IP PBX system, tailored to your requirements. We’ll leverage your existing cable network and integrate analog communication lines and telephones.

    • Device Account Configuration

      We’ll create and manage accounts for each new or existing telephone device.

    • Technology Stack Integration

      Our IP telephony solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing technology stack, providing numerous advantages through PMS and CRM integration:

      • Personalized Service

        External incoming calls display customer information from your CRM, offering immediate access to client names and preferences. Internal calls feature room numbers and client details from the PMS system.

      • Enhanced Service Quality

        During peak call times, incoming calls can be redirected to additional lines or automated voice menus, streamlining processes such as self-service spa bookings.

      • Call Record Storage & Analysis

        Store call records and staff messages in the PMS database for performance monitoring and data-driven insights.

      • Efficient Room Status Management

        Housekeeping staff can use in-room telephones to update room status and minibar inventory directly.

      • Customizable "Do Not Disturb" Mode

        Hotel administrators can activate "Do Not Disturb" mode for any room, ensuring a peaceful stay for guests.

      • Wake-Up Call Scheduling

        Guests can independently schedule wake-up calls, with information automatically syncing with the PMS and registration desk.

    • Required Equipment and Software
      • IP PBX (cloud-based or on-premises)
      • IP telephones
      • PBX configuration software
      • Integration software for other hotel systems

    Elevate your hotel’s communication experience with Hubiq’s cutting-edge IP telephony solutions. Contact us today for a consultation and discover the transformative potential of our innovative services.

  • 08
    Security Systems

    In today’s world, providing a safe and secure environment for hotel guests and staff is a top priority. A robust security system not only ensures peace of mind but also plays a crucial role in overall hotel management and operations. At Hubiq, we understand the importance of comprehensive security solutions that cater to your hotel’s specific needs.

    Security Systems
    • Surveillance Systems

      Our expert team at Hubiq will design a state-of-the-art video surveillance solution, taking into account all entry/exit points, stairwells, halls, and corridors. We will carefully select and install the appropriate cameras, configure the video receiver, and set up a dedicated security workstation. Additionally, we will provide remote access to the surveillance system from mobile devices for enhanced monitoring capabilities.

      Equipment and software used:

      • IP cameras and video receiver
      • Security workstation
      • Network server equipment
      • Mobile applications
      • Advanced facial recognition software
    • Security Alarm Systems

      Recognizing the unique security requirements of your hotel, we will propose tailored solutions for the architecture of the security alarm system. Our approach incorporates automatic triggers for various events, such as door and window openings and motion detection during off-hours, ensuring seamless protection around the clock.

      Equipment and software used:

      • Magnetic contact sensors
      • Volume sensors
      • Infrared sensors
      • Central controller
    • Access Control Systems

      These systems restrict unauthorized access to sensitive areas within the hotel premises, such as staff-only zones, storage rooms, or server rooms. Access control solutions can include key card systems, biometric scanners, or PIN-based entry points.

      Equipment and software used:

      • Electronic door locks
      • Key card readers
      • Biometric scanners
      • PIN access control
      • Access control management software
    • Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

      Fire safety is crucial in hotels to protect both guests and staff. Installing an advanced fire detection and alarm system helps in early identification of potential fire hazards and prompt evacuation, minimizing the risk of injury and property damage.

      Equipment and software used:

      • Smoke detectors
      • Heat detectors
      • Gas detectors
      • Fire alarm panels
      • Emergency lighting
      • Voice alarm systems
    • Parking Security Systems

      Effective parking security systems ensure the safety of guests’ vehicles and prevent unauthorized access to the hotel’s parking area. Solutions may include license plate recognition, surveillance cameras, and parking barriers or gates.

      Equipment and software used:

      • License plate recognition cameras
      • Surveillance cameras
      • Parking barriers or gates
      • Parking management software

    Trust Hubiq to deliver top-notch security solutions that provide unparalleled safety and confidence for your hotel guests and staff. Let us help you create a secure environment that stands out in the hospitality industry.

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