Newly constructed properties

  • Newly constructed properties

    If your property has already been built and put into operation, we will develop a project adapting to the existing technical and engineering solutions.

    Our specialists will analyze the property in terms of comfort for the target audience, management efficiency, and optimization potential for operational costs.

    It doesn’t matter whether you are an owner or a long-term tenant of the premises. The Hubiq team will help improve efficiency, comfort, and safety of using the space, integrating modern technologies using the existing engineering systems and networks of the building.

  • Our role in the project

    In such projects, our team acts as the primary system integrator. We will perform a technical audit of your premises and study the needs for technological solutions.

    Our goal is to assess the technical and engineering capabilities of the building, align them with the client’s business goals, and implement technical solutions ensuring the most efficient and effective functioning of the space.

  • Our approach

    Working with ready-made objects is based on two directions. The first one is an audit of the technical and engineering features of the constructed building. The second one is a comprehensive analysis of our client’s requirements. Our task is to make the space work for the business using technology.

  • Long-term cooperation

    We strive for long-term collaboration. After installing and launching the equipment, we regularly carry out checks, support, and optimization of solutions, increasing their efficiency.

    For us, it is essential that the properties in which we participated in technological equipping are successful and competitive. It is important to us that our ideas are implemented and help clients achieve their goals — reducing costs and increasing profits.

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