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We work with mono and multi-brand fashion retailers, jewelry boutiques, car dealerships, electronics stores, department stores, and help them attract customers, increase sales, and boost customer loyalty. To achieve these goals, we offer modern digital solutions aimed at providing impeccable customer service, creating an attractive in-store experience, and effectively promoting our clients’ brands.

Retail solutions

Our solutions will help you
achieve the following results:

  • Increased sales

    Our digital solutions will help attract and retain the attention of potential buyers, effectively showcase your products, provide necessary information about services, and create suitable conditions for making purchases.

  • Enhanced brand recognition

    We will strengthen your existing brand promotion tools with modern audiovisual and interactive solutions that will increase your brand’s recognition and allow your customers to interact more closely with it.

  • Improved customer service quality

    In full accordance with your brand and customer class, we will help create the right atmosphere in the store using proper lighting, suitable background music, and a comfortable microclimate.

  • Increased operational efficiency

    Our energy efficiency solutions and automated engineering systems and lighting systems for your stores will allow you to reduce operational costs, and let your staff fully dedicate themselves to working with customers.

  • Expanded market reach

    To promote your brand in the virtual environment, we will offer solutions based on virtual and augmented reality, which will allow you to open a new sales channel and provide customers the opportunity to virtually interact with your products and brand.

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    Video Solutions

    LED screens, video walls, and professional displays are increasingly used in stores, boutiques, and showrooms. We offer proven solutions that help attract customers, effectively showcase products, and create memorable shopping experiences.

    Our solutions provide versatility and flexibility, allowing you to display advertising content, product information, and key brand messages using dynamic video content that attracts attention and enhances your brand recognition.

    There are three main areas for placing video displays, each with its functional purpose: storefronts, points of sale, and store space.

    Video Solutions
    • Storefronts

      Video screens on storefronts are used to showcase products and promotional campaigns to passersby and capture their attention. This can be one of the main places for attracting customers and increasing foot traffic. Displaying bright, engaging, emotionally charged videos that promote a particular lifestyle will not leave your target audience indifferent.

      Based on your storefront design, we will develop a customized solution and install displays of any form factor: from small horizontal or vertical screens to full-sized video walls of any format and size.

    • Points of Sale

      Using video screens or video walls in this area also helps attract customers, but the main purpose is to increase your brand recognition and promote additional products or services. Bright, image-based videos before a purchase can effectively convey your brand’s values and key messages to your target audience, strengthening customer loyalty.

      Depending on your brand, product, and point of sale layout, we will select a solution using high-resolution screens or video walls of any shape. In collaboration with an interior designer, we will provide instructions for builders to prepare supporting walls and niches in such a way that our solution seamlessly integrates into the store’s interior.

    • Store Space

      Video displays within the store space can be used to create a more immersive and interactive shopping experience. They can showcase product features, customer testimonials, or informative content to help customers make informed decisions.

      • Advertising

        The most visible and advantageous spots within the interior space can be used for displaying dynamic yet unobtrusive advertisements for products, promotions, or services.

      • Improved customer service

        Video screens or video walls can be used to create an engaging and immersive shopping experience for customers. For example, a fashion boutique may use video screens to showcase fashion shows or product videos so that buyers can better understand the clothing line.

      • Providing information

        In areas where expensive, high-margin products, such as cars, are displayed, interactive screens can be used to provide detailed information about the product, its features, and advantages, as well as for quick product comparisons.

      • Creating atmosphere

        Video screens can be effectively used to create a specific atmosphere in the store. For instance, a brand selling yacht equipment can display vivid videos of people traveling at sea or participating in a regatta to evoke a sense of adventure.

    • Preparing Video Content

      Even the most high-end video equipment, expertly installed in the perfect location, may not meet your expectations if the video content is of low quality or lacks a well-structured display plan. We offer content preparation and management solutions that guarantee a rapid ROI in your video infrastructure.

      Our solution consists of four stages:

      • Content Plan Preparation

        Considering your marketing strategy, installed equipment, and existing video content, the main goal of the content plan is to show the right video on the right screens in a timely manner. Additionally, the plan takes into account regular content updates for preparing for a new sales season, holidays, or showcasing a new product line.

      • Adapting Existing Content

        Taking into account the content plan, we prepare your existing video materials for the resolution and format of the screens you have installed. This is often a non-trivial task, as screens may have non-standard sizes.

      • Creating New Video Content

        In case of missing content, we create image, advertising, and informational videos from scratch. As a result, you receive a fully customized video product specifically designed for your retail space.

      • Automatic Playback

        In the final stage, to automate the playback process according to a schedule, as well as to create interesting scenarios for the interaction of video content on different screens, we create playlists, set up their synchronization, and launch the broadcast. As a result, your space comes to life, and your staff can fully dedicate themselves to working with customers.

    Based on your preferences, business goals, and marketing strategy, Hubiq team will design and install a customized solution that will align with your brand and the interior of your locations.

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    Audio Solutions

    As practice and consumer behavior research show, the proper audio accompaniment of a retail space is just as important as its visual design. Skillfully chosen background music attracts the target audience, keeps them in your location longer, influences mood and perception of products, and encourages purchases.

    Audio Solutions
    • Background Music

      We will select and install a flexible background music system that considers the size of your retail space, its acoustic properties, and interior design solutions. We will provide easy volume control and source selection — music streaming services, internet radio, or a local media player. If necessary, we will supplement the system with a public address function for effective communication with visitors and staff.

      Benefits you get from background music:

      • Conveying brand values

        The type of music played in the store can help communicate key brand values to customers. For example, playing classical music creates a sense of elegance and sophistication, emphasizing the brand’s premium nature, while hip-hop or pop music gives your brand a youthful, fashionable vibe.

      • Boosting sales

        Music affects customers’ mood and behavior. Upbeat music increases energy levels and motivates customers to make purchases. Melodic music encourages shoppers to take their time and explore the store.

      • Increasing foot traffic

        Music can turn your retail space into an attractive destination for customers who want to stay longer, creating a crowd and drawing in new buyers.

      • Masking noise

        Background music masks unwanted noises in the store, such as conversations and sounds of other shoppers, street traffic, or construction noise.

      • Providing a sense of privacy

        Playing music can also give customers a feeling of privacy. This may make them feel less self-conscious about their conversations or actions in the store.

    • Public Address System

      While a background music system is primarily designed for playing music in a retail space, a public address (PA) system is intended for broadcasting announcements or messages to specific areas or zones within that space.

      Hubiq’s team will develop a customized solution depending on your space and requirements. In most cases, we can simply enhance the background music system with an alert function. This allows for announcements or emergency alerts to be broadcast through the same speakers used for music playback. In other cases, we’ll propose a fully functional solution based on a separate PA system.

      The most advanced solutions offer a wide range of features:

      • Zoning

        The ability to divide the space into different zones or areas and broadcast announcements to specific zones.

      • Priority

        Muting or suppressing currently playing audio, including music, when broadcasting important announcements or emergency alerts.

      • Scheduled announcements

        The ability to schedule pre-recorded announcements or messages for playback at specific times or on specific days.

      • Intercom

        Providing two-way communication between different parts and zones of the retail space.

      • Integration with other systems

        Integration with fire alarms or security systems for automatic triggering of announcements or warnings.

    By incorporating a well-designed audio solution into your retail space, you can enhance the overall shopping experience, reinforce your brand identity, and ultimately drive sales and customer satisfaction. Contact Hubiq for more information.

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    Control Systems

    A cozy atmosphere in the shopping area with properly adjusted lighting and a comfortable microclimate directly affects customer service quality and increased sales.

    Modern control systems are powerful tools for fine-tuning lighting and automatically maintaining the required temperature, freshness, and humidity in different areas of the retail space.

    The Hubiq team will design and implement a control system that improves customer service quality and frees your staff from routine tasks. We will combine separate systems into one, providing you with simple, centralized control over them. You can create the desired atmosphere with just a touch using a wall-mounted touch panel, smart switch, or smartphone.

    Control Systems
    • Lighting Control Systems

      With lighting, you attract visitors, reveal the uniqueness of your space’s architecture and interior, and focus customers’ attention on products and specific store areas.

      In addition to regular on and off, we provide you with a flexible tool for adjusting brightness, warm or cool shades, and lighting color. You can change the lighting characteristics of different areas of the sales floor, down to individual fixtures, depending on current tasks — attract visitors to a certain area, highlight a specific product, create the desired mood, or simulate sunrise or sunset.

      Benefits you get from installing a lighting control system:

      • Improved customer service quality

        Create optimal lighting design for your retail space.

      • Flexibility

        Change lighting properties in any area of your store when needed.

      • Ease of control

        Manage all lighting with a single touch, for example, you can turn off all lights during closing or activate the desired lighting scene in designated areas.

      • Minimalism

        Instead of a row of classic switches, you only need one smart or touch control panel.

      • Remote control

        Manage lighting with your smartphone, wherever you are.

    • Climate Control

      A good microclimate in a retail space contributes to longer customer stays and, consequently, increased sales at a specific location.

      The Hubiq team will analyze the existing or planned engineering systems of your retail space and select a control system that will automatically maintain an optimal microclimate. All you need to do is set the desired temperature and humidity, and the automation system will handle the rest. Smart air quality sensors will also ensure fresh air is supplied during peak customer hours.

      Key benefits of a climate control system:

      • Improved service quality

        Optimal microclimate will be maintained automatically, regardless of weather, season, and the number of visitors.

      • Reduced operational costs

        Save up to 30% on electricity due to energy-saving algorithms that prevent simultaneous operation of heating and air conditioning systems and switch climate equipment to energy-saving mode at night.

      • Energy consumption analysis

        Monitor electricity consumption, analyze expenses, and make optimization decisions based on accurate data.

      • Remote control

        Control and manage microclimate indicators using a web browser or smartphone, wherever you are.

    By seamlessly managing lighting, climate control, and other essential elements, you can create an inviting atmosphere that encourages customers to stay longer, ultimately driving sales and satisfaction. Contact Hubiq for more information.

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    Virtual Showroom

    Virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality technologies are increasingly being used in the retail industry and have a wide range of potential applications. They can be used to develop a promising sales channel, improve customer service, create virtual retail spaces, and expand the range of displayed products.

    The Hubiq team, in collaboration with you, will determine the project’s goals and boundaries, select a suitable VR platform for easy access to the showroom, and develop a virtual model of the retail space. Our experts will also prepare 3D models of products and populate your virtual space with them. They will provide the necessary interactive tools for selecting, customizing, and comparing products, as well as making purchases directly in the virtual environment.

    Virtual Showroom
    • Why this is valuable for business

      Investing in a virtual showroom can bring significant advantages to the retail business:

      • Increase brand recognition

        Give your customers a unique and memorable shopping experience with the full immersion effect in the virtual world. Stand out among competitors and strengthen customer loyalty.

      • Boost sales

        A well-designed virtual retail space, with appropriate architecture, interior design, and interactive features, will lead to additional sales. Among potential customers are busy businesspeople, e-commerce enthusiasts, early adopters of virtual and augmented reality, remote or international clients, and people with limited abilities.

      • Expand your product range

        Showcase your entire product assortment without the need for additional physical space. This can be useful when you have limited physical presence in desired markets, or for displaying products that are made to order or temporarily unavailable.

      • Extend market reach

        Attract customers who cannot visit your physical locations due to geographical limitations or other barriers. Increase brand recognition and expand your client base.

      • Reduce return rates

        Allow customers to virtually explore products, interact with them, and visualize how they will look in their homes or on their bodies before making a purchase. This will decrease the likelihood of returns due to dissatisfaction or mismatched expectations.

      • Cut operational costs

        Investing in a virtual showroom may prove more cost-effective than opening new or maintaining existing retail spaces. In this case, you’ll save on rent, utilities, and other operational expenses.

      These are just a few examples of objectives that might prompt you to invest in a virtual showroom.

    • Who is already using it?
      • Fashion retail

        Clothing, footwear, and accessory brands use augmented reality in stores or in their mobile apps to enable virtual fitting rooms. Shoppers can see how clothes and shoes look on their bodies without physically trying them on, saving time and improving the shopping experience.

      • Auto dealers

        Dealerships and car manufacturers use virtual reality to offer customers customization of any car model, demonstrate settings and main features of a new vehicle, and even arrange a virtual test drive.

      • Furniture stores

        Potential furniture store buyers use augmented reality to visualize how furniture and decor items will look in their homes. Customers can use their smartphones or augmented reality glasses to overlay virtual 3D models onto their physical space, helping them make more informed purchasing decisions.

      • Real estate agencies

        Virtual reality is used to offer virtual tours of digital twins of real estate properties, allowing potential buyers to explore them without physically visiting. This saves time and resources for both the agency and the client.

      • Toy stores

        Toy manufacturers and resellers use augmented reality to bring toys to life in the store, allowing shoppers to see how they work and interact with them before purchasing.

    • Implementation options

      Potential customers can access the virtual showroom in several ways, depending on the platform and devices used for the virtual experience:

      • VR tour via a website link

        The virtual showroom can be accessed through an internet browser on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Customers can visit the retailer’s website, click on the VR tour link, and begin exploring the virtual space on their mobile device. Certain web platforms also support the use of virtual reality headsets, such as Oculus or HTC, for a fully immersive virtual experience.

      • Standalone VR app

        The showroom can be created as a separate virtual reality app compatible with popular virtual reality headsets, such as Oculus, HTC, or PlayStation VR. Customers can download and install the app from the app store of the respective platform (e.g., Oculus Store, Steam, or PlayStation Store) and launch it on their VR headset to access the showroom.

      • Mobile AR app

        For augmented reality, retail sellers can develop a mobile AR app compatible with smartphones and tablets. Customers can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and use their mobile device’s camera and display to interact with augmented reality elements, such as virtually trying on clothes or arranging furniture in their home.

      • In-store virtual reality stations

        Retailers with physical store locations can set up in-store virtual reality stations equipped with virtual reality headsets and controllers. Customers visiting the store can use the provided VR equipment to access the VR showroom and explore the virtual space.

    In addition to the project implementation itself, you will need to allocate a marketing budget to promote the new sales channel, so customers are aware of the availability of your virtual showroom and can visit it without any obstacles.

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    IT Network and Internet

    In today’s fast-paced digital world, the retail industry demands top-notch IT network and internet connectivity solutions to stay ahead of the curve. At Hubiq, we specialize in providing tailored and efficient IT network and internet connection solutions designed specifically for the retail industry.

    IT Network and Internet
    • High-speed Internet Connection

      Experience high-speed and stable internet access with our fiber-optic cable or leased line connection options. At Hubiq, we collaborate with reputable Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to guarantee seamless connectivity for your retail store.

      Key Components:

      • Fiber-optic cable or leased line
      • High-speed modem
      • Internet Service Provider (ISP) subscription
    • Scalable Network Infrastructure

      Our expert team at Hubiq ensures a scalable network infrastructure built to grow with your business. We utilize modular switches, routers, and high-quality network cables (Cat6 or Cat6a) to create a robust network. Patch panels and cable management systems are also employed to maintain a well-organized network environment.

      Key Components:

      • Modular switches
      • Routers
      • Network cables (Cat6 or Cat6a)
      • Patch panels and cable management systems
    • Secure Wi-Fi for Customers and Employees

      Provide your customers and employees with secure and reliable Wi-Fi access points throughout your retail store. We implement advanced security measures such as WPA3 encryption, firewalls, and guest networks to safeguard your data and ensure a smooth user experience.

      Key Components:

      • Wi-Fi access points
      • Wireless LAN controller
      • Network authentication server (e.g., RADIUS)
    • Network Security and Monitoring

      Protect your retail business from cyber threats with our comprehensive network security solutions. Hubiq offers intrusion detection and prevention systems, as well as 24/7 network monitoring to swiftly identify and mitigate potential risks.

      Key Components:

      • Next-generation firewall appliance
      • Intrusion prevention system appliance
      • Security subscription for updates and maintenance
    • Expert Support and Maintenance

      Our dedicated team of professionals at Hubiq is committed to providing exceptional support and maintenance services. We offer prompt troubleshooting, regular network assessments, and system updates to ensure your retail store’s IT network and internet connection remain at peak performance.

    By choosing Hubiq as your IT network and internet connection solution partner, you’re investing in the future of your retail business. Our tailored solutions are designed to enhance efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and boost sales, all while ensuring the highest levels of security and reliability.

  • 06
    Video Surveillance

    Video surveillance systems play a crucial role in retail stores, enhancing security, improving employee oversight, and providing valuable customer behavior insights. They contribute to a safe and efficient retail environment, helping businesses protect their assets and boost overall productivity.

    Video Surveillance
    • Comprehensive Assessment and Design

      At Hubiq, our team of experts will carefully assess your retail store’s requirements and design a customized video surveillance solution that meets your specific needs. We take into account security demands, optimal camera placement within the store, and video archive management systems to ensure seamless surveillance coverage.

    • Installation and Integration

      Our end-to-end service includes the installation of high-quality IP cameras, configuration of video receivers, and integration with advanced monitoring software. We also ensure continuous, uninterrupted remote access to the video surveillance system from mobile devices and personal computers, enabling you to keep an eye on your store at all times.

    • Key components
      • High-definition IP cameras and video receivers
      • Security personnel workstations
      • Advanced switching server equipment
      • Cutting-edge mobile applications for remote monitoring

    By choosing Hubiq for your video surveillance needs, you can have peace of mind knowing that your retail business is protected and optimized for success. Our tailored solutions are designed to bolster security, improve employee accountability, and provide invaluable insights into customer behavior, all while ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.

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